Training with OSA

We work in an industry in which experience, the sharing of knowledge and 'know-how' counts for a lot and OSA hopes to be a catalyst to your continued success by offering tailored training sessions in our purpose built training facility at our Runcorn base.

We appreciate that with all the experienced fitters, engineers and sales teams out there that we might find ourselves learning something new about our diverse market - but that makes the experience all the more interesting!,

We don’t want to limit these learning opportunities to fitters and engineers only - but office and sales teams alike - as we see the benefit of office based teams understanding some basic technical aspects of the products we sell, as our own sales department often has to gain a deep understanding about a problem on the phone in order to offer the best quotation possible.

Our aim is to keep the sessions intimate, with groups of up to 6, to help keep them focused and productive and allow everyone to get some hands on opportunities with our demonstration products and set-ups.

If you would like to enquire further or book a session in the future please make contact with the sales team today on or 01928 703 580 and someone will come back to you to discuss your needs in more detail.