4310SHOOT BOLT - Delta Type - Spring Loaded

shoot bolt delta type

MATERIAL: Galvanised Steel

STROKE: 70mm

Pre-assembled with round 12 mm bar with pointed end. Wide base and 2 flanges. 6 Slotted holes are provided for securing to the panel, and is adjustable during installation

For electrical doors be sure to combine with Interlock Switch - 5135

Dimensions: 142 x 90 x 90 mm
Unit: Piece (1)
Weight: 0.74kg

4311SHOOT BOLT - Spring Loaded with Black Knob

shoot bolt spring loaded

MATERIAL: Galvanised Steel and Black Plastic

Suitable for inside use only

Shoot bolt for securing sectional doors internally

Dimensions: 92 x 44 x 34 mm 
Unit: Piece (1)
Weight: 0.48kg

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